Hey Little Sister,

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m glad you showed up. I hope my words can provide some comfort to you. I hope to save you pain by sharing the mistakes I have made and to help open your perspective to consider new ideas. But most importantly, I hope you are inspired to bravely step into your purpose, and accept your life mission – or to at least commitment to discover it.

Remember, you’re not in this alone. I’m here if you need me.

Much love,

Your big sister

Ellie, Annabelle, & Sally, 1 year after moving from New York to Corpus Christi, TX. (2010)


When I was 6 years old, my parents brought home a baby.

The first week or so she was home, I hated her. It felt like both of my parents totally ditched me for this baby that looked more like a peanut than a human. Suddenly no one was reading me bedtime stories, and everyone was paying attention to the baby instead of me. A very frustrating thing for me.

I remember trying to get my mom to notice me by sniffling loudly outside of her door late at night while she rocked Sally in the rocking chair and sang her lullabies.

After a few nights of dramatically sulking outside the baby’s door, my mom came out to talk to me.

“Annabelle, you have a very important job now – did you know that?”

I looked up at her, confused. Did she or did she not notice my misery?

“Sally is your little sister which means you’re a big sister now. Being a big sister is a big responsibility. She is going to love you and look up to you very much. She’ll probably copy everything you do so it’s your job to set a good example for her and look after her “

From that moment, everything changed. I suddenly had a purpose bigger than myself.

That purpose was to guide, encourage, and share everything I learned with my little sister. This purpose, over the years, extended to include another little sister, my students, friends, and now you!


I started this blog (originally “The Opened Book”) in 2013 to help with the healing process after being raped in college.

I wished for a big sister to look up to, to help me navigate, and walk with me through hardship. Simultaneously, I realized in this process of sharing, I was able to positively impact other people who needed a big sister in their lives too. The more I realized my writing mattered to people, the more I wanted to share, and this blog was born!

Now that I have worked through a majority of that sexual trauma, I use these digital pages to share snippets of a my journey to purpose – a grand adventure that will more than likely last the rest of my life.

I invite you to join me as I stumble, contemplate and explore this beautiful life.


Annabelle, Southern California (2018)

Annabelle Evangeline is a Los Angeles based writer and entrepreneur who believes that the key to unlocking life’s purpose is by living vulnerably, practicing creativity, and embracing community. 

She is the author of Into the Darkness, a workbook for trauma survivors created from her own experience with mental health and sexual trauma. Since then, she has been passionate about creating tangible worksheets, experiences and tools to heal through hardship and live a purposeful life.

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