Let’s put “Human” back into “Humanity”

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Chowing down on a protein bar in this photo…

“To put ‘human’ back into humanity”

This is unofficially my new slogan – the guidelines by which my purpose/life is executed.

I’m involved/interested in a lot of random things – and my website is tangible proof that I have a very hard time organizing my life and making up my mind about what I like to do. I enjoy cooking/nutrition, nature, healing, psychology, dancing, modeling, social activism, business, teaching/mentoring, and a lot more.

But finally, a few nights ago,  I sat down and tried to figure out what the common string is that ties all of my work and interests together. And I came to the conclusion that I just have this strong desire to restore the vulnerable and soft part of the world.

The purpose of my slogan is that everything I do is aimed to this one goal. It keeps me focused and moving in a positive life fulfilling direction. I see the ‘human’ part of the equation as the brokenness or weakness. The part of ourselves that we are ashamed of, that we keep in the dark. The parts of us that feel things, create things and imagine things. I was to restore this – it’s the part of ourselves that help make us who we are and we live in an environment that tells us that we shouldn’t feel pain, that imagination and creativity isn’t valuable enough to be paid for, that brokenness is a sign of weakness. We are told lie after lie in our culture and I want to end it.

I am a communication major – and last semester I took a class that focused on the cause and effect of communication in the modern world – is VERY mediated. The more I discovered about how our communication works against us and the underlying cause of a lot of issues we have, the more I saw what can be done to change it. I have to believe that we have the power to change our reality for the better because of the very fact that we have control over the way we chose to communicate with each other and our surroundings.

And as a Com major I know that everything I say, do, feel, not say, not do, ignore, accept, (basically my very existence) COMMUNICATES SOMETHING. So I want to make sure that I communicate a positive message.

Take a second to think about what being Human means for you. In what ways your personal investment in your own humanity make the world a better place?

“Nothing is more creative… nor destructive… than a brilliant mind with a purpose.”

– Dan Brown

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