Annie’s Doorway

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I really like supporting people.

I like watching them grow with confidence and skill. 
I like seeing them happy.

I know that I would NOT be who I am today (and the woman I will be in the future) without the love and support from others. I made it a point that I would give back & thank them by paying it forward. I decided it was the best way to show them how powerful their love is. Seeing your impact in people you’ve never met or seen before is powerful. Meaningful on so many different  levels. 
I really love to mentor younger people and help talent grow, but I haven’t really had a chance to do it publicly – until now. 

Opportunity is my new business. 
Opportunity is what we live for (or at least what I live for). 
I enjoy building doorways so opportunity can knock.
I like building doorways for other people too. 

Which brings me to Annie, the first of many (hopefully) doorways I want to build. 

Annie is a young determined poet. She and I bonded through Instagram over how much school sucks. She’s a first-year, and I’m an old fart but we both are well aware of what our society expects of us. A degree, a solid job, a minimally sufficient contribution to society, a good retirement, and finally, death. We bonded over the stress and the weight and the unfairness of it all, and finally, we started talking about the good stuff. “What is your passion? What really makes you come alive?” I asked her. She told me she liked poetry and I told her I’d help.

And well, now we are here. I wanted to highlight her because her excitement and passion for her craft makes me want to work harder. It makes me believe that maybe if we spent more time supporting each other instead of projecting our own ideas on each other, we might actually be able to change the world. Like really truly. And that is inspiring.

This is one of my favorite poems that Annie has written.

Paint Me Beautiful
By Annie

When I read this all I could think was Pslam 149:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Why should we fit ourselves into a box when we are made for so much more than that? Not just from the outside, but from the inside too. Our passions were given to us to use in the world and make a footprint that will forever change it. In a good way…. in the best way possible. 

More about Annie:  

What inspired you to start writing?I always loved stories and how it can connect and touch people. I wanted to inspire people and I think writing is the perfect way to do it since it comes so naturally to me. Writing always made sense to me when nothing else did. Its something that I know that I’m supposed to do.
Why do you like poetry specifically?
I like poetry because it can be so simple and yet have a powerful impact on whoever is reading it. I like how when it comes to writing poetry there aren’t really any rules. Yes, there are rules on how to structure a poem and etc, but you can do whatever you want. For me, I feel like I write my best pieces when I’m not put into a certain box. If that makes any sense. It should be more about the writing and the message behind it then the structure.
What drives you to write when you do? How often do you write?
Anything and everything. What inspires me the most is seeing how people respond to my poems. That’s always a great feeling. As far as my writing process,  sometimes I get lucky and an idea or even a line comes to me on its own. I like to say that you can never rush creativity. But i always have that thought of “What if I don’t have it this time? Or what if it just never comes back.” But I know that my writing has a purpose and I will continue to live out ( or “write out” rather) that purpose for as long as I can. If that makes any sense.
Other times I really have to sit down and think about what I wanna write. I’m a perfectionist, so I really aim to write my best. I always ask for feedback. Always. It’s helpful to have another  ” set of eyes” look at your piece and give constructive criticism. This allows me to grow as a writer and a creator. Even though sometimes I get a little annoyed but I do appreciate it! Lol! Sadly, I don’t write as often as I should or as I would like. But what’s so great about being a poet and a writer my mind is constantly thinking about new ideas and new pieces. That part of my brain is never turned off. I’m always thinking. Always trying to come up with new ideas. I love it.

Follow her poetry on Instagram: @annie.writes

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