Day 5, 6 ,7 – Boundaries, Magic, In Tune

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It’s been a beautiful and busy few days, and I gave myself the space to live them without feeling guilty that I didn’t write.

So I’m wrapping them all together today so I can be ready for Day 8, which might also be delivered late in another conjoined post. We’ll see…

Day 5 – Boundaries

Moving into a new home is like a rebirth.
It presents a slight pause to life and an offer to reinvent who you are.

You can BE anything, DO anything.

This was already and has been true, but in this pause, the universe seems to scream it louder than ever.

Who are you? What will you allow in your life?

Asking yourself those questions helps you determine who you become.
Keep in mind that your action leads to habit, and your habits determine your life.

So where are your boundaries?
Will you continue to let people take advantage of you?
Will you continue to lose yourself inside another person’s body?
Or will you stand up for yourself?
Will you give yourself space in your new life to take ownership of the greatness that is bursting out of you?

“He would not let the demons to speak because they knew him” -Mark 1:3

Silence your demons.
Put them on the outside of your boundaries.

Day 6 – Magic

I renamed this day quite a few times because I didn’t felt anything really speak out to me.

It was a day of connection and rest and really stepping into the blessings I’ve welcomed with my obedience and faith.

TBH I got to drink some good beer with some good friends, hang out with some plants, and visit the beach and it was a beautiful day.

Definitely felt like I was in the moment, and there is NO shame in that.

You don’t always have to be giving or perfecting. It’s okay to just live sometimes 😉

Day 7 – In Tune

I spent this day (Today) at church and fretting about my Instagram and then taking a nap that was way too long. But I’m learning to let my body rest when it needs to rest (especially because this coming week is going to be pretty intense.)

Anyway, I went to church this morning and had my bible and a piece of scrap paper next to me – I was scribbling away and a phrase kept coming up “In tune”…. “stay in tune”…

It’s what I’ve been working toward – what Day 4 – Surrender was all about – staying in tune with myself. But today was about more than just me. It was the bigger picture. It was more than just me, it felt like I was dialing in on my purpose.

I wrote this on a notecard I happened to have hidden in my bible:

Aug 20 – Tune
Like scanning a radio – tuning doesn’t work if you’re passive.
Stay active, in praryer and community.
“Every Christian in Prayer”
Tune into each other
Don’t be afraid to feel.
Don’t be afraid to listen. 

There were words that the pastor said today that hit me – “Every Christian in Prayer” Imagine that. Every single Christian praying together?? That would move mountains.

And even if you’re not a Christian and even if you don’t believe in God, you CANNOT disregard the power of intention. The energy that comes with unity. The force that comes with faith.

This is a bright, good, incredible power source to tune into.

And it is your purpose. Your path, is your way of tuning you to be in perfect harmony with the rest of the world. You can either be passive about it, or active. If you are passive the path is much messier. But either way, getting there is tricky – Can even feel hopeless sometimes. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not.

There is abundant blessing on the other side of obedience.

Tune in.

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