Day 8 – Story: 5 Life Lessons You Need to Learn to Make Your Story Great

Hanging out on one of the locations in Culver City. (Did NOT walk all the way up here lol) 

Yesterday I got to PA for the first time in L.A.
(PA = Production Assistant)

It was part of the first episode of a new reality series where people divulge their secrets.
This day, in particular, we didn’t focus on the telling of the secret, we focused on a woman and her story.

I chatted with her driving from location to location, and after talking to her and totally vibing, I realized that I have learned a lot of really valuable lessons in my 22 years of life and I could see her starting to figure those same lessons out, even though she was 11 years older.

I was out to lunch with my friend the other day and I told her, life has a way of teaching everyone the same things in different ways. At first I said it to make her feel better about “missing out” on her “party animal” years. I told her that a woman of her depth and magnitude would not be fulfilled by drunken make outs and embarrassing stories. AND that most people go through those phases because life is trying to teach them something. “You didn’t miss out on anything. And I’m sure life has taught you those same valuable lessons in a different way”

And this morning, I realized that maybe I’m actually right.

All of this to express that I’ve been able to talk to a lot of people about their story and I realized that although some of them are quite older than me, they are walking through life lessons that I’ve already learned… and some of them have been walking through these lessons for a long time.

It’s almost like a video game… beat one level and move up to the next.

But unlike a video game, I don’t think these lessons or levels have any particular order… I think for the most part they probably coincide with the development of the human brain, but some of the deeper lessons and the answers to more expansive questions come at all different points in life.

But the catch is, the more of these lessons you learn, the more of these questions you ask, the more your super power grows, and in turn, your story becomes greater.

So here are some of the lessons I’ve realized have helped me “level up” to make my story great.

1. There is a reason things make you happy.This is literally what I preach on a daily basis and the first thing I tell people when they are struggling with finding a direction. “What makes you happy?” and I mean like really what makes you feel ALIVE. What excites you? What are you passionate about? This is often times the first level up lesson we learn, because once you discover this thing, you have a responsibility to grow this gift and give it back to the world. Some people have a hard time pinning that down, like my sister. I’m encouraging her to really jump into the unknown & things that force her out of her comfort zone and try new things. For people like me that are multi-passionate, I want to remind you that it’s okay to focus on one at a time. You aren’t neglecting yourself by giving each passion a little bit of quality time. And I don’t know how much good it does to stress out over how they all fit together, I think life will reveal that in time. Patience. (And that’s coming from an Aries lol)

2. Know what your core values are. Learn to live by them.
For me, having a very strong sense of right and wrong has saved me from getting into a lot of trouble. This also kind of goes with #4 because your values make you who you are. Knowing what you value and what you don’t makes you a very powerful decision maker, and that will also earn you a lot of respect. People that opporate purely and transparently through their value you system without hating on other people who have different oppinions are few and far between in the world. So, fill the gap.

3. Ask Good Questions
Don’t be afraid of clarification questions, comminication is important. BUT most importantly, push the boundaries. Good questions make people stop and think, or help you understand a different perspective. Asking questions keeps you open and keeps you educated. And keeps you from looking like a dick πŸ˜‰

4. Know Yourself.
This is essential if you ever want to be content in life. Period. If you ever want to live a great story. Know who you are & what you deserve. Know your weaknesses and your strengths but most of all, know what you like and don’t let anyone else shame you for it. When you know yourself, you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Don’t let other people project their fear on to you, don’t let other people pressure you into things you don’t want to do or talk you out of something you know if right in your heart. When you know who you are, chances are you’ll want to stand up for yourself more, take more ownership over your life and decisions. Listen to me, IT’S OKAY TO LOOK OR FEEL DIFFERENT.

5. You are Human.
On the other side of the same token, you have to remember that you are human. You are not an all powerful God with authority over the weather and the mountains. You have human limits. You will make human mistakes. The key is, to ground yourself in a higher power. You are NOT defined by those limitations or mistakes, you are defined by the immense Love and energy God/The Universe has for you. You are human; you feel, you hurt, you laugh, you desire, you think. This is the most incredible thing in the entire world. I believe that. And once you accept your humanity, you can accept others as they are, you can push your limits and you can be free.

Living these lessons is what makes your story.
Learning these lessons is awhat make your story great.

β€œThe only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

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