WTF Is Self-Care?

Written April 17, 2018

Tonight I had dinner with one of my lovely friends at this DELICIOUS Pizza place in NoHo (That’s short for North Hollywood). I was super stoked when I found out they had a vegan pizza option… The last time I had pizza it really hurt my stomach.

Anyway, as we were sitting out on the patio with glasses of wine in our hand and suddenly the phrase “self-care” came up.

Galit said, “I feel more feminine lately when I’m doing a little bit of self-care, like this week I went to get my nails done, and that not necessarily what everyone wants to do, but I know it makes me feel good.”

And then it hit me.
“Self-care” has become this buzzword that means candlelit bubble baths and expensive massages.
And I’m realizing that’s NOT what self-care is.

REAL self-care is being able to tune into how your mind, body & soul, are feeling, and then knowing what things they need in order to function happily and balanced.

REAL self-care is knowing WHAT you need when you need it.

I saw an Instagram post of a bullet journal that said “Self-care list” and it was broken up into sections. “Heart, Mind, Body, Soul.

It annoyed me because it looked like there were just random things written in each category that didn’t really have anything to do with.

Just like self-care was the moment I chose to have a vegan pizza instead of regular because I knew that regular would make me feel sick and I wanted to take care of my body, not hurt it.

Self-care should feel rejuvenating and bring you back to center & balance. If that means spending time at a spa, or with friends, or eating vegan pizza so be it! And if it changes from day to day, that’s cool too, as long as you know what YOU need, do it!.

I decided I wanted to share some of my self-care lists so that you can see that not all self-care looks the same. And who knows, maybe it will give you some new ideas! At the very least, I hope this share will prove the fact that self-care can change from day to day.

In the morning I try to do what I call “Preventative work”. These are things I try very hard to do every day when I wake up because they are automatically balancing for me and keep me from going into a slump. Lately, I’ve noticed that if I hit a slump, it’s usually because I’m not making the time to care for myself in these ways…

  • Stay away from the phone! Especially in the morning. This has been nearly impossible for me lately. I think I need to get an alarm clock that’s not my phone.
  • Journaling I started doing this when I was working through The Artists Way. The challenge during that time was to get 3 pages written every morning. It was an excellent practice. Writing has always been my way of processing things, so I’ve kept up with it and it’s helped a lot! It’s nice to have a place to dump all my thoughts without any judgment. 
  • Workout This is one of the hardest things to get back into if I get out of the habit. But starting off my day with sweat is awesome and always gives me energy. Lately, it’s been inspiring me to write too!
    • 10 Push-ups Before I started working out regularly, I used to do 10 push-ups every morning. I did it because I hated push-ups and I knew that if I could get through those 10, I could tackle anything that day might throw at me. It was more a workout for my mind in a sense.
  • Having Breakfast Time For some people, this just means eat something before you go out the door. Usually, that’s what this means for me too, but if I have time, I like to sit with my breakfast and challenge myself to be present while I eat and stay off my phone
  • Putting on Face Lotion I always feel refreshed after I put lotion on – I do it before bed too. I don’t really know why I love it, but I do, and my skin feels like a baby’s butt 24/7
  • Water My Plants I love my plants. Having something to take care of and watch grow is really cool. To me, it’s soothing to tend to them.
  • Meditate I hated meditating but recently I finally had a breakthrough and figured out how to do it! I use this time to reconnect with God. It’s always between 3-7 minutes. 🙂
  • Drink Water I think my plants and I have a lot in common. I notice that when I drink water RIGHT when I wake up, I automatically have more energy. I stand and little taller and feel a little brighter, just like a flower 🙂

So most of my daily stuff is in the morning, but then I also have things I try to do weekly to stay grounded and connected.

  • Go to Church I really feel when I start disconnecting from my faith & spirituality. Going to church reminds me of my truth and the abundant love that exists for me. 
  • Meet up with a Friend I tend to isolate myself with work really easily so I have to make a conscious effort to spend time with people that I love!

What I do when I’m in a slump, to get out of the slump and also find comfort in the slump:

  • Affirmations I have affirmation cards I used to read to 
  • Gratitude Lists I still like to do this when I’m not sad, but if I start sinking into a slump, this is the first thing I go to. It helps tremendously
  • I go to bed early I don’t get mad at myself for wanting to stay in and take it easy. 
  • Buy a blanket Going to Target and getting the softest blanket to curl up in when I’m sad is always amazing.
  • Daily Reflection Sheets I created these sheets that I print off and complete daily for at least a week when I’m struggling or feeling overwhelmed. It helps you identify and focus on only the things that will help you grow and succeed. I recently made them available online. Check it out!

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