#PlastICKY Intro

I’m doing an experiment this month and going PLASTIC – FREE.


I’m planning to share a vlog on IGTV (@annasbanana123) every weekend (probably Sundays) this month to talk about the journey. I’m also partnering up with some cool brands that I found and will be posting about the companies out there making a plastic-free life possible! I’ll be sharing on Instagram and LTMLS (Letters To My Little Sisters…this blog).

Here’s what I’m really stressed out about for this month:

  1. Food. I’m afraid this is going to make grocery shopping really difficult.
  2. Water. I buy plastic water bottles ALL the time. I’m a little bit particular about taste so I haven’t purchased reusable bottles because the plastic ones taste like plastic and the metal ones taste like metal. Also can’t drink the tap water in LA because it’s nasty & not even a Brita filter can clean that shit – plus it’s plastic.
  3. Toiletries. I can’t buy Toilet paper without also buying plastic!!
  4. Other. I understand that there are going to be a lot of products, like pens and toiletries, that I probably won’t need to by more of or replace during this month… but if I want to continue to be plastic-free I’m definitely going to have to find a new place to purchase things. In other words, I acknowledge the privilege I have to start & stop this plastic-free life.

I’m hoping that some of the brand partnerships I’m creating can help me (& you) find stuff to make this transition a little bit easier!


My goal is to not create any plastic waste during this month, however, in the case that I do, I’m made it a rule that I CANNOT throw it away. I have to hold onto it until the end of the month and figure out a way to up-cycle it. Throwing plastic away doesn’t make it disappear, it just becomes the earth’s problem… or stuck in the belly of a turtle or a baby bird. And that is something I’m really trying to learn & remember. Our individual disconnection from our culture of consumerism has caused A LOT of problems, for not only our environment but our physical, mental and spiritual health. The first step to fixing it is our mindset & awareness of the impact we can have.

That truly is the secret to everything – you just need to know the power you have and how to use it.

Plastic was made in 1907 for our convenience. We all know plastic sucks but it’s inconvenient to switch. Convenience is the name of the game and I truly believe there is a way to make being plastic free, more convenient than using plastic. Let’s use our power collectively, to do that!!

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