We’re All Here To Save The World – Brands Making a Difference by Helping You Live Plastic Free!

Eventually, this post will have a longer list of brands and a cute little video, but just in case it takes me way too long to put it together, I wanted to share this list of companies who have supported the #PlastICKY Project and are helping ALL OF US go plastic-free (Yes there are discount codes)

Package Free Shop (Click to Shop)
A one-stop shop for finding plastic-free OR alternatives to single-use plastic products. Their goal is ZERO WASTE, founded by the girl who could fit all of her waste from an entire YEAR into a 16 oz Mason jar. The video went viral.

Davids All Natural Toothpaste

Davids All Natural Toothpaste (Click to Shop)
Toothpaste that comes in a recyclable metal tube!! The tiny cap is plastic BUT it is a GREAT alternative if you love toothpaste and don’t want to switch to chalky tablets. They also come with their own little metal key tool to use to squeeze all the paste out! (Also Sold at the Package Free Shop)
Use the code “PLASTICKY” for a discount!

KooShoo 100% Biodegradable Hair ties: (Click to Shop)
I NEVER thought about plastic in my hair ties !! These are phenomenal though. (Also Sold at the Plastic Free Shop)
Use the code PLASTICKY for 20% off of $30+

Planet Wise Large Pale Liner

Planet Wise Pale Liner (Click to Shop) (aka Reusable Trash bag)
These are the only ones that exist as far as I know! Machine Washable & waterproof!

Zerovana Plastic-Free Deodorant (Click to Shop)
Zerovana is another online store filled with great items to help you go plastic free or zero waste. I’m super excited to try their Deodorant!
Use the code PLASTICKY for 15% off of your entire order!

Different options for Bee’s Wrap

Bee’s Wrap (Click to Shop)
This is a fantastic alternative to cling wrap! Not only is it sustainable, but it also won’t leak cancer-causing chemicals into your food while you sleep 🙂

Eco Enclose (Click to Shop)
Compostable Mailing Supplies. They have eco-friendly alternatives for tape, bubble wrap, plastic bags – EVERYTHING. This is a really important company that you should share with all of your friends that mail things or have companies that mail products. I’m going to purchase some Eco-Friendly Tape.
Get 20% off your first order of $20 or more by Clicking Here or using copy & pasting link: http://ecoenclose.refr.cc/annabelled

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