The “Why” Behind Letters to My Little Sisters, and How to Find Your “Why”.

Every successful brand, business, and even HUMAN has a “Why”.
Your “Why” is the driving force behind all that you do.

The clearer your “Why” is, the more confidently you can make decisions, the better you can communicate with people, and the more effectively you can live your life and make an impact!

Letters to My Little Sisters has a core mission and a couple of values that make up our “Why”.

The Why:

The world becomes a more loving place when people are willing to do the work on themselves. We believe that people who are self-aware are able to approach life from a curious, open-minded place. When people are more open to new perspectives, there is less conflict, more empathy, and more connection. Your healing is not just for you – it dictates how you show up in the world and what your influence will be.

The Mission:

Letters to My Little Sisters exists to empower, inspire, and support young women on their healing and self-discovery journeys. We provide resources and support that builds you up to be a leader, and “Big Sister” to people in your community because our ripple of influence flows farther than we can imagine.

The HOW:

  • Education

We have “Lifesheets” and programs for curious, introspective women to dive deep, and reflect on their stories. We also provide guidance and support to navigate healing and rise as a leader through our programs.

  • Community

We strive to facilitate space online and offline to allow opportunities for motivated, passionate women who are driven to make a positive impact and to practice their leadership skills. We create a sense of belonging through shared experiences and stories.

  • “The Work”

We prompt you to look inward and write your way to self-discovery! Do the work that only YOU can do. We love being able to work hand in hand with therapists and counselors and do not wish to replace the role of therapy in your healing journey; only support it.

*We DO welcome men to participate in doing “the work” by taking advantage of the tools and resources available in the shop. We hope to eventually offer programs that support men too, but right now we are foused on the ladies!


Compassion: To come from a loving place in all that you do.
Reflection: Taking time to sit with your emotions, self-examine, and spend time processing through events, ideas, and feelings.
Sisterhood: To actively support and encourage other women – we are not competing for love, validation, or approval. There is room for all of us at the table.
Education: Learning what to do your own research and find out what works best for you!
Leadership: Taking ownership of your own healing to show up for others. Stepping up to the plate. Facing fear.
Communication: The courage to be clear with your intentions.

You can discover your top values by using the Core Value Exercise!


The Why exercise has been passed down from mentor to mentor and now on to you! Though simple, it can be very challenging and it might change as you grow and discover new things about yourself – and that is great! You might want to check in and do this exercise once or twice a year! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with a statement you believe in or something you do.
  2. Then ask yourself why you do or believe in that thing.
  3. Then you ask yourself why again.
  4. And ask why again.
  5. And ask again…
  6. and again

The goal is to distill a basic or vague statement down to it’s core, and to clarify the specific meaning for you.

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