A Day to Remember

This weekend kind of weird. I was trying to figure out what was “right” or “wrong” to do for the fourth of July in the midst of political unrest, rising COVID-19 cases, and my own desire to find a bit of joy in the midst of it all. I didn’t want to seem complacent but I also didn’t want to feel guilty for enjoying the holiday.

Should I celebrate?

Should I stay at home?

Should I get dressed up?

Should I wear black?

Ultimately, I ended up spending the day to soaking up some sun in the backyard and helping my mom and sister (Ellie) build a new tank for Sheldon, Ellie’s pet turtle.

This is Sheldon checking out his new tank.

There were no Fireworks. 

There was no BBQ.

There was no party.

I did however, hang out with a very happy turtle and reflect on the state of this country. 

And to my surprise, despite the growing pains we’re working through, I felt immense gratitude.

My father was an immigrant. So is my Maternal Grandmother. They both came to the united states from different countries in South America in search of freedom and possibility. If either of them had doubted their ability to create a better future for themselves, I wouldn’t be here.

No, it’s not perfect. In fact, this country is far from it. Right now, we are caught in a roller coaster of events, ideologies, and agendas. It’s easy to feel like all of our power has been stripped from us – like nothing we do will matter or change anything. It’s easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed and frustrated and like you’re not doing enough.

I felt that this weekend. 

But as I was thinking about my family history, I was reminded that I am an agent for change. I was reminded that I have the power to impact generations and create a better reality for them, just like my dad and grandmother did for me. AND I am here to remind you that YOU are an agent of change too. WE have the ability to create a better future for ourselves.

You are powerful.

You have influence.

You are creating a new world with every breath and every word and every action.

That’s why self-discovery work is so important.
It’s important to know your feelings.
It’s important to know what it means to be in alignment.
It’s important because if we are going to change the world for the better, we need to make choices and take action from a loving place.

The world we create on the outside is an exact reflection of our internal world and the way feel on the inside.

I am here to help you figure that out.
I am also here to remind you that it’s okay to start small. 

The theme in the Virtual Big Sister Network this month is “Welcome”, and I think it serves as an excellent place to start exercising your power + influence.

How might you make other people feel welcome?
Start with your room,
then your home,
then your workplace or your classroom.
Then, that feeling of being welcomed, feeling safe and feeling seen will expand to the school, the town, the community center, the state, the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

What people don’t realize about influence is that it compounds exponentially. Each person you share a little of your light with is given the energy to do the same for someone else.

The catch is, we need to be reminded of what that light feels like sometimes.

It’s why I am here. It’s why I write. It’s why I started the community and the business.
My work is here, at this keyboard, writing this post to remind you just how powerful you are AND that you are supported on this journey to heal yourself and to change the world.

My work is to remind you that there is hope and that WE NEED YOU.

If you find yourself in a state of disarray and you’re looking for a way to check if you’re in alignment, ask yourself these Qs:

1. How am I contributing to the current situation? Can I change that?
2. Am I showing up as the best/highest version of myself? What would he/she/they do?
3. Have I considered and accepted the consequences of my actions? (Even doing the “right” thing has consequences) Am I still committed to my choices?
4. Are these choices from a loving place?
5. Have I taken care of myself and gotten what I needed to feel alive and happy? if not, Rest and Recover! It’s okay to rest so that you can continue to lead from a place of empathy and compassion. “Self-care is an act of resistance too!” -Lorena Roque
6. Start small. Do what you can to make the world a better place, even if it just means building a better home for a turtle.

With warmth + light,


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