What IS this?!

Before I get started, I would like to thank my little sister for the aggressive text I received after work today reminding me to post on my blog. “It’s been a month Annabelle! Go write something!” Little she did she know, I was already planning on writing something because I had a breakthrough yesterday that … Read more

Take No L’s

Photo By: Shane Spangler I’m Baaaaaaack! Mostly.Partly.Kind of? If you didn’t notice I was gone, let me fill you in. I disappeared last weekend.Vanished, under the blankets on my bed.Last Thursday I took a pretty big L. The Trigger:My two beautiful, wonderful, super fun friends from L.A. drove their big R.V. into Austin last week. You … Read more

The Devils Hands

Photo by: BrianIG: @lastis1st The colors inside your being are curious to know how the evil found you when the only thing you’ll ever need is so close –  but you turned away In His eyes you are holy, but in the devils hands you choose to stay An empty feeling in your chest legs … Read more

I Watched Him Watch Me

I watched him watch meAs I walked I could see his reflection in glassI could see him as he stared.Beauty, they said.Beauty is a curse.Vanity they said.Attention WhoreTeaseThey hate me for it.I hate myself tooParanoid they call me.Paranoid I call myselfBut I watched him watch meThrough the glassAs I walked.  This poem was inspired by … Read more