Annabelle What is this…?

This is my very first post! Here is where I want to explain the meaning behind this blog. I had a rough experience my first semester of college that complete changed my life. 

And since the very beginning of my healing process I wanted to share it with people. I felt like I was unraveling the mysteries of human nature and I wanted a way to share my discoveries. I thought my thought could possibly help someone else struggling with suffering of there own. I started posting Instagram posts (annasbanana123) but then I realized not everyone has the patience to read what I wrote in the captions because most of them tended to be pretty long. So I decided to create this! A place that I can share my experience, organize my projects and art and have as much room as I want to write about my thoughts, struggles and opinions.

If all goes well here I may open up an email account so you, my reader, my contact me for support or to ask any questions you may have! I’ll be sure to post if I decide to do that.

But basically this blog is about my life and how it’s changed since I have embrace the title “Survivor”

Have a wonderful day!